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ShieldHeroShot Pinging the Next Economy
April 24th, 2013

Initially, we formed¬†Dynamo Development Labs to target new ways of bringing toys and media to market. For the past several years, consulting about those topics has required the lion’s share of our attention. We love helping people break out of their patterns, but we love to get our hands dirty even more.


So last summer we started dipping our feet into the crossover of between the bit and atoms economy, experimenting in community-building, crowd funding, product-on-demand, and building proto-businesses. The idea is to build a new set of community-oriented design practices and capture useful examples of what that collision of digital distribution and the ‘internet of things’ might look like.




Our newest endeavor ModiBot, has been an exploration of 3d printed playthings, product-on-demand, and using 3d printing to build more lean and fluid business models. The results so far have been amazing. ModBot has been featured in many high-profile toy and tech blogs, pod casts and has lead us to several speaking engagements about what we are building.



We’ve broken our testing into 3 distinct areas of exploration with the intention of creating one seemless product ecosystem between, online 3d prints, traditionally-manufactured items and 3d print-at-home components. The idea is to increase the variety of ways users can experience ModiBot and bring them together under a single, corss-platform play experience.



The entire process has introduced us to a plethora of new ways to use media and online services to support to showcase the raw potential of the concept. We’ve tapped traditional services like YouTube for hands-on video demo’s, but also services like ShopLocket, which creates iframe ‘mini-store’ embeds that can be easily placed in nearly any type of blog or website and SketchFab which bills itself as the ‘YouTube for 3d model viewing’. With all these services being introduced almost daily, your ability to build and support a boutique-scale product brand has never been easier (although it does require a lot of time, focus and vision to do it all effectively).



In the long-term, we see opportunity in building toward a rally point for ModiBot builders to share what they are working on and ways for them to interact with the ModiBot build system prior to purchase. What we’re most excited about is seeing where the road leads. Much of what we’ve learned is either contrary or counter-intuitive to our experience in the mass-market. What we are looking for is a hybrid approach that provides more flexibility in scale, reduced risk, increased exposure, and maximum connection with the end user. This approach should provide a better understanding of how value is created in the ‘atoms’ part of the digital economy.



  1. Sam Andrus says:

    So great to hear about this progress! Keep it up!

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