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July 23rd, 2012

On 7/6, we launched a new action figure project called The Hero Project at Kickstarter.com.

Check out the video below and click through to back the project before it ends on 8/8!


  1. deepa says:

    Hi, i saw that the kickstarter funding was unsuccessful. However, do you still plan to launch these? I would love to buy a few :) Thanks!

  2. Mark_NL says:

    Hi, will you make a second attempt at crowdfunding this? I will certainly back it :)

    • KidMechano says:

      Currently, we’re not looking at revisiting this through Kickstarter. Its a costly project to produce and we don’t have much confidence that we’d get much closer to our goal. If we’d have missed it by 20% or something, we might consider, but…. We’re really glad that you like it. We’ve gotten a ton of support for it, but so far nothing that makes us feel like its worth dusting off.

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