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January 26th, 2010

Over the past two years I’ve referenced Threadless as a great example of what engaging your audience can do for a brand. With their opt in voting and member art submissions they do a great job of bringing their audience/consumer so deep into their process that the purchase dynamic is a no brainer. And at $18 a pop having your run largely pre-sold before you even make a single shirt is pretty awesome! So….I figure it was time that I toss my hat in the ring, and its been fun!

The idea for this shirt has been bouncin’ around my head for a while now. I remember as a kid, my brother got this book of Norse mythology for Christmas, and its colored my image of Thor ever since. In this book Thor was a fiery red head more on par with Bluto than Fabio. Also there was this great bit about how Thor had to wear this special magical mitten on his hand because when his hammer returned it was so burning hot. The best part was the way the illustrator had drawn it in the book it always looked like an oven mitt. Something about having the Norse version of a WMD rollin around in a goat cart with an oven mitt on his hand just cracks me up. You can’t beat Mythology for ‘WTF’ factor.

Anyway, if you get the chance, check out my design on Thread less, and if you feel so moved, join in and vote!


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