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You probably don’t know us, but you definitely know our work. We’re working on a lot of the stuff you love. A couple of guys who get excited about pushing into new territory, breaking the rules and creating things that people care about. We want to earn that solid rep as ‘Go-To’ guys. The dudes you call when you’ve got something outlandish, difficult, or you are looking to change-up the way you do things. The guys that get it done.

It’s a blast to be ‘those guys’!

Wayne Losey began his career as a comic book creator and illustrator where he earned his chops at character design, visual storytelling and content development. He started his illustrious toy career as designer for Kenner Toys in 1993 and rose through the ranks, leading the charge on a diverse roster of brands, including GI Joe, Batman Forever, Superman: Man of Steel, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Vor-tech, and Micromachines. As Senior Director of Boys R&D, Wayne oversaw both design and/or sculpting for more than 20 toy and entertainment brands, which brought in well over a billion dollars in revenue during his tenure, ranging from action figure brands like GI Joe: Sigma Six, Spiderman, Batman, and Star Wars to Transmedia interactive properties like Pokemon and Beyblade.

Wayne has acquired significant expertise in manufacturing production in China, catalytic innovation, consumer strategy and translating entertainment properties into an inspiring spectrum of consumer products and experiences.

Tucker Johnson attended the Cleveland Institute of Art, where he received his BFA in Industrial Design. Recruited by General Motors for their Advance Portfolio Exploration Group, he helped conceptualize transportation 15+ years into the future. He also helped define the way forward-thinking groups spoke to consumers for research and traveled extensively teaching that method to GM’s global partners: Suzuki, Subaru, Isuzu, Opel and Saab. Johnson’s work was responsible for the AUTOnomy (Popular Science’s Invention of the Year 2001) and HY-WIRE concept cars that were pivotal to GM’s fuel cell strategy.

Since 2001 he as been involved in media and toys with an eye to integrated storytelling across channels. His work with major toy and entertainment companies provides full-service consulting from early story concepts and beat architecture to line plans and control drawings.